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Paul G. Enterline, Attorney at Law

Serving Clients Throughout Lower Delaware

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Paul G. Enterline, Attorney at Law

Serving Clients Throughout Lower Delaware

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Real Estate Disputes

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Help For A Wide Range Of Real Estate Disputes

We help individual property owners, home ownership associations (HOAs) and all parties to real estate transactions pursue effective resolutions when disputes arise.

Help For Property Owners And HOAs In Property Disputes

Property owners who are part of an HOA face a wide range of possible conflicts due to the nature of those organizations and the physical proximity of each property owner’s land. A neighbor may complain about diverted water entering their property or something else they view as a nuisance, and this will often elevate from a dispute among property owners to a dispute between the HOA and an individual property owner.

We represent individual property owners and HOAs in resolving these disputes.

Zoning Violations

It is easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the zoning code. Depending on where you live, the zoning code can control almost any aspect of how you use your property, sometimes in highly unexpected ways. We assist residential and commercial property owners with resolving zoning violations by securing variances and all other appropriate means.

Transactional Disputes

When one party is failing to honor his or her obligations in a real estate transaction, we can help you take all action to protect your rights and uphold the terms of the agreement.

More Than 20 Years Of Experience Resolving Real Estate Disputes

At Paul G. Enterline, Attorney at Law, our firm has decades of experience protecting our clients’ rights and best interests from damaging real estate disputes.

We know that real estate is always a substantial investment, whether it is your home or a commercial property and we work hard to find the most effective and efficient means of securing the best possible outcome for you. Attorney Paul G. Enterline has been delivering real help to his clients since 1992. He as extensive trial experience that can be invaluable if no less costly solution is available.

Real Estate Dispute Lawyer Serving Georgetown And Throughout Delaware

If you are facing a real estate dispute, you need to take action. Do not hesitate, especially if you have already been served with court papers. Turn to Paul G. Enterline, Attorney at Law, for help you can rely on. To schedule a free initial consultation* call 302-396-9555 or contact us online.

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