Sound Legal Guidance For Your Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Whether you own a beach rental property, an apartment complex, commercial office space or are renting out a spare room, being a landlord is not easy. Tenants have certain rights, and you have to know how to abide by them.

If you and your tenant become locked in a dispute, contact an attorney like me, Paul G. Enterline, who has the litigation experience necessary to help you seek a favorable resolution. I am known not just in Georgetown, but throughout Delaware, as an effective advocate for my clients.

I Know What Landlords' Rights Are And How To Protect Them

Becoming a landlord is not something you can just jump into. There are procedures that must be followed. Failure to do so can lead to disputes regarding:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Improper handling of a security deposit
  • Not giving proper notice to a tenant
  • Not having a proper lease in place
  • Violations of state and local laws
  • Failure to address tenants' safety concerns

Without a lawyer like me helping you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, these problems can quickly spiral out of control. For instance, did you know that in Delaware you only have to give someone five days' notice if he or she fails to pay rent? Do not give away any rights by drafting a lease incorrectly.

Delaware Landlord-Tenant Law Is Complex. Call My Law Firm Today.

It is very important that you understand the law upon becoming a landlord or in settling a dispute with a tenant. I can put my experience and knowledge of the law to use for you. Contact my law firm, Paul G. Enterline, Attorney at Law, in Georgetown at 302-396-9555 to schedule a free consultation.*

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